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Iowa West Public Art

About IWPA

In 2004, the Iowa West Foundation funded a community-wide public art master planning process that included a 19-member steering committee comprised of citizens, government representatives and Foundation leaders. The master planning process resulted in the designation of more than 50 sites for potential placement of public art in the City of Council Bluffs and became the IWPA initiative — Iowa West Public Art. This process and the resulting Public Art Master Plan was based on elements of successful public art programs throughout the world.

In spring 2007, Council Bluffs rededicated historic Bayliss Park. The event was highlighted with the unveiling of the park’s new fountain and new performance pavilion, both of which were created by renowned artist Brower Hatcher and funded by the Iowa West Foundation. Hatcher’s work in Bayliss Park represents the first of seven installations in this innovative community-wide public art program.

Today, because of this unique initiative, Council Bluffs is home to an outstanding public art collection created by artists who have made their mark worldwide. Full copies of the Public Art Master Plan are available from the Iowa West Foundation or at the Council Bluffs Public Library.

Iowa West Public Art

Visitor Information

Explore Public Art

Visit Council Bluffs and see how public art is integrated into the fabric of the community. Stop in the heart of downtown at Bayliss Park and enjoy Brower Hatcher’ s Wellspring fountain. Take in entertainment at the Mid-America Center and walk through the sculpture garden by Jun Kaneko. While you’ re there, don’ t forget to see Jonathan Borofsky’ s Molecule Man and William King’ s Sunrise.

Walking Tours

Whether you ‘re on foot, on your cell phone, or at home, you’ve come to the right place to explore public art.

Get started with an IWPA guide to public art. You can use this map to explore IWPA art sites at your leisure. You can also discover some of the great public art throughout Council Bluffs.

Download Our Brochure

Organizations or groups can order brochures for self-guided tours. Send us an email and be sure to include the approximate date of your tour, brochure quantities, and mailing address.

View the Walking tour of Iowa West Public Art at the Mid-America Center

Artists and Artworks

Click the artist names below to view a list links which provide support references to the classroom curriculum provided on the back of each Art Education poster.


IWPA is committed to opportunities for art educators, citizens and visitors to become more familiar with the concept of public art and the works of the IWPA collection.

In 2007, IWPA launched an education initiative that included art education posters and curriculum for each IWPA public art installation. The UNO Center for Innovation in Arts Education assisted with the development of the curriculum that is included with each IWPA Art Education poster.

If you would like to receive one or all of the 18 x 24-inch IWPA Art Education posters for your school or class, please contact Nicole Lindquist, Director of Communications at the Iowa West Foundation or complete the poster request form by clicking on an artist’s name below while supplies last.

Low resolution posters are also available for download in each artists’ section on this website.

Request A Poster

    Limit one poster per artist.

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