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 Resources for Grant Applicants

Background Information on State of Iowa Grants:

Iowa Economic Development Authority

Main Street Grants

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) announced that $951,000 in Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants will be awarded to 14 Iowa communities to complete projects estimated to have a total project cost of more than $3.6 million. The funding will be distributed in the form of grants to the selected Main Street programs.

This year, the Challenge Grant program will be funded through an appropriation from the Iowa Legislature. Previous Challenge Grants were funded through a federal appropriation. Since the first federal appropriation in 2002, approximately $4.9 million in grants leveraged over $36 million in private reinvestment in 83 projects throughout 41 Main Street Iowa districts.

Each Main Street Iowa community receives thousands of dollars annually in training and technical assistance.

First three years – State invests approximately $120,000
   • 40 days - Training and technical assistance on-site by Main Street Iowa and National Main Street Center staff and private consultants
   • 30 days – Training for local volunteers and staff
   • On-going annual investment - State invests approximately $15,000
   • Quarterly volunteer and director training
   • Design assistance
   • Business Assistance
   • Yearly consultations
   • City-specific technical assistance and support

Training and Technical Assistance
   • It is imperative that cities receive the training and technical assistance needed for them to make good planning decisions relative to revitalization and future development of their district.

   • Quarterly program orientation/training for new staff and volunteers
   • Quarterly training workshops facilitated by nationally-known professionals
   • Board and volunteer development training via Webinars

In Community
   • Architectural and design assistance
   • Business Assistance
   • Facilitated vision development
   • Facilitated mission statement development
   • Committee training
   • Board roles and responsibilities training
   • Facilitated board and committee planning
   • Issue-specific technical assistance
   • Support with program director selection
   • Annual one or two-day program visit

During the 2014 legislative session, $1,000,000 was appropriated for purposes of providing infrastructure grants to Mainstreet communities under the main street Iowa program. As a condition of receiving moneys appropriated in this subsection, an entity shall testify upon the request of the joint appropriations subcommittee on economic development regarding the expenditure of such moneys.

STEM/Apprenticeship/Job Training

Legislation signed by Governor Branstad in 2014 created a new apprenticeship program within IEDA.  The total amount appropriated for the new IEDA apprenticeship program is $3 million.

Under the new program, eligible Apprenticeship Sponsors or Lead Apprenticeship Sponsors applying for the program must be registered with the U.S. Department of Labor through Iowa and the apprentices must be employed at Iowa worksite. This bill requires IDEA to provide assistance through grants and creates a formula to distribute funds for the Apprenticeship Training Program. 

Also contains language adding a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Internship Program under the jurisdiction of IEDA. The STEM Internships are available to Iowa students.

IEDA is to collaborate with employers providing internships that lead to permanent employment. The employer providing the internship will receive financial assistance of $1 for every $1 paid to student interns with a maximum of $5,000 assistance.

Much of this work is done in collaboration with the community colleges. Learn more these programs.

Explore more resources for leveraging grants:

   • Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) (DNR)
   • Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
   • Iowa Economic Development Authority
   • Iowa Department of Transportation
   • Iowa Department of Public Health
   • Iowa Gambling Treatment Program
   • Iowa Department of Agriculture
   • Education

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